What a wonderful idea,

That came to fruition.

Part of our tuition,


Was to work there.

If we wanted.

A rare place,

Never a dull case,

At ‘The Caravan’.


I wanted to work there.

I just ‘knew’ I did.

And I loved it.

I loved my visitors;

My clients, my friends.

Boundaries, yes.

But I cared.

Each a fellow human being,

And I was seeing,

How they experienced life.

Their strife.


I listened.

That was a lot.

I wanted to do more,

Before they went out the door.

But I did my part,

As much as I could.

I was there with heart,

And they would,

Take what they took.

I’d write in the black book.

They gave a lot to me too!

Tracy-Lee Neville, former Caravan Counsellor

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